Floating Private Pavilions

During the 2020 summer season we introduced two floating pavilions with benches, umbrellas, tables and bbq grills.  After running the 2020 season we evaluated the first of its kind concept and decided to make some alterations to our pavilions.  For the 2021 season we are increasing the size of our pavilions and re locate them.  In addition we will be adding pergola type shade structures instead of umbrellas.  Finally we will include water trampolines with all of the pavilions and make the waters around the pavilions restricted access for motorized watercraft to ensure safety.  We are also considering adding solar lighting to the pavilions and making them available after hours to our guests who are staying in one of our cabins or yurts.  This will give you the ability to have a private dinner on the water away from the crowds and enjoy the amazing sunsets that Rockport has to offer!

Wave Armor 3.jpg